Summer has arrived. It is a sunny 70 outside today. Rather cool considering on Friday Maine was wilting in 100 degrees of soppy sweltering sogginess. What a strange weather month. Summer is here, bbq is in the air, the neighbors are mulching, the flowers are exploding with colors…honestly, I’m not even sure where these flowers come from, I don’t remember seeing those purple and yellow ones last year. Perhaps a gnome left them in the garden. Image


This year has brought some new things into my life, things I am very grateful to have. One of those things is a new roommate! Isn’t he cute? Image

This is Samson, our eleven year old tri-color collie. My family adopted him when he was a puppy and I was in junior high. He was a tiny thing with a giant nose, the runt of his litter and as clumsy as me. We have a strong bond, he and I. A few weeks ago, we decided it might be a good idea if he came to live with us instead of my parents. One reason for the move is that he has developed arthritis and we have fewer stairs here for him to navigate. However, the bigger reason is that I missed him, he missed me…and now he drives me crazy. I love him, I really do and with all my heart, but this dog is neurotic and he doesn’t believe me when I tell him so. If I am home, he cannot stand to be in another room. Sometimes he is so clingy that I can’t even close the bathroom door without him reprimanding me. What a drama queen.

Another wonderful thing to develop this year has been my delight in tennis. When Linda asked if I wanted to go down to the tennis court and give tennis a try, one day last summer, I went only to humor her. As it turns out, I love tennis. I played on a team this year and we played well enough to make it to Districts, so we’ll be visiting Rhode Island in a couple months.

This week I made Figgy Toffee Pudding at the recommendation of a friend. I have been told this is “the” dessert of England. After having tasted it, I can see why.

Figgy Toffee PuddingThe British definition of “pudding” is dessert, thus this is not actually the American’s idea of pudding. It is rather a cake made with chopped figs, topped with whipped cream and doused in toffee sauce. The sauce is an amalgamation of butter, sugar, corn syrup, cream and vanilla, served hot. This was so good.