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So it is official! I have sold my first cake! Does that make me a professional? 


If you read my previous post, you saw the prototype of a cake I was planning to make for a baby shower this weekend. You’ll also know that I had to come up with a Plan B when I discovered my friend did not care for fondant. This is actually kind of fortunate because I got to make two unique cakes this week! 

After scratching the fondant from production, I thought perhaps I would use the same idea of a quilt anyhow. I could have piped on different designs in patchwork squares. However, I saw an idea I liked better! 

I like the look of this cake because the roses are sweet and elegant and they just take all the focus. Getting the color to swirl in like that is very easy. After you fit your piping bag with a star tip, you just paint two strips of color down the inside of the pastry bag before you fill it with buttercream. When you pipe, you get white and color! 

ImageChocolate Cake filled with Salted Caramel and topped with Vanilla Swiss Buttercream 

What do you think? Elegant enough for a little lady on her way? 

Thanks for reading!