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Today is another snow day in Northern New England. Our house is surrounded by snow-dressed pines and the flakes are piling up in the driveway. Later we will bundle up and start up the snowblower, but for now it’s indoor cozying. Which means cooking!


A while ago, I came across another blogger’s post about this recipe. According to her, this was a recipe Sylvia Plath used to make. It is quite simple, but has luxurious results. I was going to make a Ginger Gelato to go with it, but alas, I did not have enough cream, so we’ll save that for another day.

Behold, the Lemon Pudding Cake! I’m sure it is perfectly delicious if you eat it straight out of the ramekin, but if you invert the little cakes onto a plate, you will make a fascinating discovery! The cakes, which went into the ramekins as one batter, come out as two layers! The effect is gorgeous.


If you want the recipe, take a look here. I do love her blog.