If you have found this page, you probably know me personally. You probably kindly clicked on a link I posted to Facebook, curious about what I might have to say. Thank you for clicking and welcome. This site is for you, Mr. or Ms. Reader. It is for your entertainment, if I can spare a joke or two. It is for your enlightenment, if I can reveal a few kitchen mysteries. It is for your visual pleasure, if my camera can produce a photograph worthy of praise.

However, this site is also for me, the creator. It will be the wavelengths upon which I railroad my creative light. It will be the dusty old tome in which I hastily scribe my recipes and then, by tiptoe, place back on the highest shelf. The kitchen will be my stage and books will be my script and acting directions. 

If you read my About page, you will find that I was home-schooled and have thus come to believe that anything at all can be learned out of a book if one only applies oneself. If I become a pastry chef one day through this method, I will have gladly accomplished what I set out to do today. There are many ways a person can go in life and this is one road down which I’d like to stroll. 

And maybe one day I can be an old lady, sitting by her window, wrapped in a shawl and looking out at the trees remembering with fondness the things she’d done in life, the trails that she had tread, the people she had loved. And that will make me very happy indeed. Why have I chosen the name The Scone and Kettle? Because you can make your grand sculptures out of sugar and chocolate, which are wonderful, but in the end it is not the grand things, but the cozy things that remind us of home and love. If we assigned feelings to food, scones and tea and cocoa, these would be the love. And that is all.